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What is nxtload?

nxtload isn’t a load board but a The goal is to help you increase the utilization of your truck – quickly, efficiently and simply.

Why should I use nxtload?

Because nxtload shows you all the freight offers at once, you can compare offers to find the best deal. That lets you quickly and easily increase the utilization of your truck – without any additional costs!

How can I get started with nxtload?

At the moment, nxtload is still in beta testing. But starting in early 2018, it’ll be open to the public for registration. Until then, why don’t you sign up for our Fleetboard newsletter? That way, we can let you know as soon as it launches.

What does it cost to use nxtload?

Nothing: you may use nxtload completely free of charge.

What’s the difference between nxtload and a freight exchange?

nxtload isn’t a freight exchange in and of itself. Instead, it consolidates participating freight exchanges into a single interface, so that you can find offers of available freight quickly and easily.

Which freight exchanges are already connected to nxtload?

Currently our partners are, Teleroute and Saloodo!. Of course, we’re continuously working to attract more freight exchanges to nxtload for you.

Do I still need to have accounts at the various freight exchanges?

Yes, they’re still necessary.

Can I complete a freight order via nxtload?

No, you can’t complete an order via nxtload itself – only on the freight exchange where the load is being offered. But since you’re already logged in, it’s easy to do right from the nxtload interface.

What’s a template and how does it work?

It’s easy: In the search mask, simply save a search that you often look for using the button “Save as template”. Then you don’t have to fill out all the input fields again the next time you search. You can find all your stored search templates under the “Templates” menu item.

Why are there no freight offers displayed for my search?

It can happen that there simply aren’t any suitable results for your search. Try adjusting your search parameters and increasing the search radius.

Who should I contact in case of technical problems?

Our team is happy to help with any technical problems you experience while using nxtload. Just get in touch with us:

Can I provide feedback? How?

Please do, we love feedback! You can always use the “Feedback” button right in the search mask. And you can share your expectations, critique and comments with us, either via the contact form or directly by email to

How do I hook up my freight exchange accounts to nxtload?

You can link your exchange accounts into nxtload via the “Profile” menu item. Simply click on the “Connect” button of the respective freight exchange and log in using your access data.

Do I need any additional software to use nxtload?

No, that’s not necessary. You simply access nxtload through your web browser.

What is nxtload?

nxtload is your opportunity to boost the reach of your load board. It’s a meta-search engine that combines different freight exchanges into a single user interface, so that international logistics companies can see everything at a glance.

How do I become a partner?

Please get in touch with us, either via the contact form or directly at

What does it mean to be a nxtload partner?

As a partner, you become part of a community that’s engaged in the logistics processes and flow of goods within Europe. Regular meetings give you the opportunity to get to know your professional peers and to work together with them on the future of logistics – all under the Fleetboard umbrella.

Which prerequisites do I have to bring?

You just need to be a freight exchange interested in integrating with nxtload. For further information, please get in touch with us – either via the contact form or by writing directly to

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